We will be happy to offer discounts on group travels and even if you are traveling solo you are able to get discounts by gathering your travel mate.

– Group discount

  • 8pax + 1 person 50% off
  •  11pax + 1 person free
  • 15 pax + 1 person free

–  Find your travel mate and earn your 4+1 person discount up to 50% off (group shall consist of 5 members minimum) complies with all seasons.


If you ever thought of capturing the wonders of nature , people and culture of Mongolia on your films, you should choose Golden Gobi. Beginning with consultancy on shooting locations and subject, we are capable to provide you with rental service of variety of latest filming equipments from our partner company  such as all types of cameras, lights, sound recorders and microphones.


Explore and enjoy the pristine and unique culture and traditions of Mongolian modern day nomads. We will provide you homestay with several different families hence you could learn and be part of their daily lives.

See itinerary Central Mongolia-Nomad to Nomad

Note: The distances between families may vary depending on their seasonal migration to their different camps regarding the vegetation and surface water.



Mongolia is a home of over 200 different species of migratory birds at same time having its own indigenous and rare birds, which are also listed in Red Book. Golden Gobi will take you for bird watching tours to Eastern Mongolia, Khentii region also known as a birthplace of Chinggis Khaan and Gobi desert. You may wonder,why to desert, Mongolian Gobi has always been as one of the main bird habitant thus you have possibilities to see seagulls and demoiselle cranes in addition with wallcreepers, buntings, pipits, wagtails, sandgrouse, euro-asian ground jay and chukar partridge and so on.

In order to promote local institutions and community based tours Golden Gobi cooperates with some  of  the Science Academy figures. While you join or sing up for our archeology tours you will be able to participate  professional archeological expeditions except visiting and sightseeing major Mongolian archeological sites.



Golden Gobi offers you meditation opportunities in two of the most desired destinations such as Aglag buteeliin hiid and Amarbayasgalant monastery. Our expereinced team will provide you with  all  necessary enviroment  for meditation practices.  You can enjoy silence and touch of nature atmost .If you are interested and would like get more detailed info please contact us