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The Gobi is a large desert region in Asia. The desert basins of the Gobi are bounded by the Altai Mountains and the grasslands and steppes of Mongolia The Gobi is most notable in history as part of the great Mongol Empire, and as the location of several important cities along the Silk Road. The Gobi is made up of several distinct ecological and geographic regions based on variations in climate and topography. One is the Eastern Gobi desert steppe ecoregion, a palearctic ecoregion in the deserts and xeric shrublands biome, home to the Bactrian camel and various other animals. It is a rain shadow desert formed by the Himalaya range blocking rain-carrying clouds from the Indian Ocean from reaching the Gobi territory. More…….

Since Golden Gobi team themselves originally from Gobi, most of our tours are more likely concentrated on Gobi. Together with our specialist guides and drivers you will discover wonder of Gobi, by hiking through the Ice Canyon, exploring the tracks and paths of dinosaurs, watching the sunsets in harmony with roaring sounds of shifting sand, camel trekking on the land of secrets, staying in a nomadic dwelling and trying camel dairies.




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